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TABAL Jan Kidaj, Mieczysław Daniel Sp.j.

TABAL Jan Kidaj, Mieczysław Daniel Sp.j.
Business type: Trading Company
Business type: Importer, Exporter, Local market
Number of employees: 11 - 50
Annual sales value: Brak danych
Established year: 1990

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company_photosIts two owners, Jan Kidaj and Mieczysław Daniel, as well as part of the staff, launched the production of registration plates at a small factory in Lublin using their own financial resources.

Thanks to a production method previously unknown in Poland, the product soon gained recognition and was in greater and greater demand. The corporation gradually expanded, devoting its profits from the sales of readymade products to investments to help expand production.

Since 1991 the Corporation has been producing semi-finished registration plates for other companies finishing registration plates all over Poland.

After the obligation to certify products was introduced, the company, as one of the few in Poland, received certificates of quality for the production of registration plates and for the production of distinguishing plates for vehicles. In 2000 new technologies were introduced which enabled the production of reflective plates. The company received essential certificates and permits which allowed the introduction of the new pattern of reflective registration plates into the market.P>

In February 1994 a new department was opened – the wholesale storage of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. After 5 years of activity in rented buildings, at the beginning of 2005 the company purchased a 500-square-meter hall along with an industrial area allowing for future expansion.

The number of employees gradually increased and the expansion of the factory took place. In 1998 an 840-square-meter hall for wholesale sales of non-ferrous metals was built at record speed, as well as facilities for personnel and administration. This allowed the expansion of the sales of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and structural plastics.

Since the beginning of 1999, the production work has been concentrated in one place, at 14 Energetyków Street, while the branch of TABAL dealing with the wholesale store of non-ferrous metals has been in Radom.

In 2001 TABAL began to cooperate with the Swiss company KANYA, and introduced a system of modern aluminium structural profiles onto the English market. The system is applicable in the manufacture of machines, equipment and production lines.

In 2002 the general partnership was transformed into an unlimited company, thus gaining legal personality.

Address data

Street:Energetyków 14
Postal code:20-468
Phone: +48 81 7445779
Fax: +48 81 7490051


Contact person

Name and Surname: Robert Pasternak
Phone: +48 81 7102911
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